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Preserving the natural beauty of our wildlife requires continuous dedication and resources. We can support most of our day-to-day preservation efforts with entry fees and tourism. However, more money is needed so we can invest in sustainable ways to protect our wildlife. By donating today, you become a guardian of our invaluable habitat, ensuring that future generations can marvel at its beauty and diversity.

Donate Now

We accept donations of any amount. Use the account info below to make a deposit.

Account Name: Kuti Experience Limited
Account Number: 9100007159088
Bank Name: Standard Bank
Address: P.O. Box 30380
BIC / Swift code: SBICMWMX
Branch/Service Centre: Capital City

Your Donation

Rest assured that a 100% of your donation goes towards wildlife conservation. Your donation is invested in long-term and sustainable resources rather than short-term fixes. Below you will find a few examples of what we could do with your donation.

Please note that Kuti Experience reserves the right to allocate funds at its own discretion.

A donation of

$ 10
  • makes a huge difference to our work. We can buy tools and supplies.

A donation of

$ 50
  • goes towards paying a single ranger to guard our borders for a month.

A donation of

$ 100
  • goes towards fixing our fence, to prevent poachers coming into our reserve.

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Do you have questions or do you want to learn more about Kuti Wildlife Reserve? We are here to help!

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