Our Work

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Our Work

Wildlife Protection

We are deeply committed to safeguarding our natural habitats and the diverse species that call Kuti home. We enter strategic partnerships and create innovative conservation initiatives. Our efforts include deforestation prevention, education and community outreach programs.


Deforestation in order to create charcoal by local communities has emerged as our main conservational challenge. Deforestation not only poses a threat to biodiversity and ecosystem health but also exacerbates issues such as soil erosion, loss of water resources, and climate change. Our rangers patrol our borders daily, we educate locals and reach out to communities in order to create sustainable alternatives to charcoal. We are in talks with local law inforcement and the national army to help us combat the continuing problem.


Education is at the forefront of our conservation efforts. We believe that by fostering understanding and appreciation for nature, we can inspire positive change and empower individuals to become ambassedors of the environment. Our education programs are designed to engage visitors, communities, and professionals alike, offering unique learning experiences that promote conservation awareness and environmental literacy.

Community Outreach

Conservation is a collaborative effort that extends beyond the boundaries of our reserve. Our community outreach programmes are designed to engage and empower local communities, fostering a deeper connection to nature and promoting sustainable living practices.

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