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Are you interested in animals or nature preservation in general? Looking to make a difference? Our reserve faces threads like deforestation and poaching every day and relies on volunteers to help protect Malawi’s flora and fauna. You do not need a background in biology or preservation, we could also use your help when it comes to communication and hospitality – which are important to keep our park operational. Come volunteer at Kuti Wildlife Reserve!

Why Volunteer at Kuti?

Volunteers play an indispensable role in sustaining Kuti’s existence. That is why we maintain affordable prices. Our team provides expert guidance during working hours, and during your leisure time, we are here to assist you in booking excursions to explore Malawi in depth. Our aim is to ensure that you make the most of your experience with us.

Make a Difference

As a wildlife reserve it is our responsibility to safeguard Malawi’s biodiversity. We believe that our conservation effort contributes to the global ecosystem. Confronted daily by threats such as poaching and deforestation, we rely on dedicated volunteers like you to ensure the park’s continued operation and protection efforts.

Learn from Professionals

We offer expert guidance by our project managers, staff, guides and wildlife professionals. Prior to your arrival, we will discuss your goals for your time here to ensure that you derive maximum benefit from the experience.

Free to Roam

There are no dangerous carnivorous animals in Kuti, so you are free to roam around and explore. You will be able to encounter wild animals up close on your own.

Discover Malawi

Kuti is right in the centre of the ‘Warm Heart of Africa’, making it the perfect base for exploring Malawi. We have a lot of experience in organising excursions and will provide all the help you need.

Tasks and Responsibilities

We will discuss the tasks you are interested in and your objectives here, ensuring you make the most of your time with us. Some possible tasks for this project include:

  1. Observing the animals.
  2. Designing, organizing, and implementing activities for wildlife conservation.
  3. Designing, organizing, and implementing activities to attract more tourists responsibly.
  4. Marketing and communication activities to promote the wildlife reserve.
  5. Contributing to social media by creating and posting content.
  6. Providing education to visitors, communities and professionals.
  7. Developing campaigns and activities to increase awareness of the project.

Your Profile

We expect the following:

  1. You are at least 18 years old.
  2. Your English level is reasonable or good.
  3. You can work independently and can easily adapt to bush live.
  4. You do not drink on the project while working.
  5. An education or working experience in biology, wildlife preservation or research is a plus.
  6. Affinity or experience with social media, marketing and communications is a plus.


Paying for volunteer work might sound contradictory. However, your payment goes directly to making sure you are protected, receive expert guidance and have a comfortable accomodation. As we rely on volunteers we try to maintain affordable prices.

Our current price is $175 per week


Not included

  • Expert guidance on location
  • 24/7 help in case of emergency
  • Your accommodation in the volunteer centre
  • Extra costs like water, gas and light
  • Security and cleaning
  • Your flight ticket
  • Insurance
  • Visa
  • Vaccinations
  • Certificate of conduct
  • Food and drinks on location
  • Excursions
  • Transfers (not included, but available)

Frequently Asked Questions

Where will I stay?
There is a volunteer centre with kitchen, toilets and showers. The accommodations are basic but comfortable. There is room for up to 16 volunteers at the same time.

Does the volunteer centre have wi-fi?
There is currently no wi-fi in the volunteer centre, but there is wi-fi at the reception which you are free to use.

What should I bring?
Other than your clothes and toiletries, we recommend bringing a flashlight/headlight and a powerbank. We will send you a complete list once you’re coming this way.

Is Malawi safe?
Malawi is considered one of the safest African countries. It is known as ‘the warm heart of Africa’ because of the people that live here. Like most African countries we do have some diseases – like malaria – which could be considered dangerous. We can help you prepare to make sure you do not need to worry.

Can I drink from the tap?
In most parts of Malawi you cannot drink from the tap. However, Kuti has its own water supply, making it safe to drink from the tap.

Do I have to learn Chichewa?
No, most people in Malawi speak English.

Can I do an internship at Kuti?
Yes, our volunteer program works as an internship as well. Make sure to check your school’s conditions.

Do interns get paid?
No, interns have to pay for their accommodation and guidance just like volunteers.

Apply Now

Our application process is quick and simple. We do not require your resume or a motivational letter. Just send us a message through WhatsApp or e-mail and we will plan a non-commital intake.

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Do you have questions or do you want to learn more about Kuti Wildlife Reserve? We are here to help!

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